Dia de los Muertos is the Mexican celebration of their dead. They celebrate with a festival and like all festivals, there’s a tremendous amount of decoration, ambiance, costumes, music and more. One thing that has caught wind with the tattoo world somehow is the Sugar Skull. Sugar skulls are exactly what it sounds like, a skull made of sugar that people can eat. The skulls are usually decorated with fancy swirls and some colors making them really fun to look at as well as consume. The skull decor has transferred to faces. women in particular. Why? I have been trying to research that for a while I cannot find the stinking answer, but I’m still trying. Nonetheless, it makes for a really cool tattoo. This client first approached me earlier in the year asking for this. I’ve never done anything like it prior so it was a wonderful challenge that I embraced (this is a cover-up of an old tattoo she had back there). This damn design took a total of 16 hours to complete with the first 9 getting the outline on and some color. The remainder hours had me discover a new technique of tattooing for me… I felt like a pokemon had evolved in he middle of a fight… It was great! I then proceeded to apply the new technique across the entire tattoo so that it looks uniform and like it wasn’t an afterthought. I do have to admit, although I love working on these session type tattoos, I start hating them at some point… then I’m sad to see it completed… oh to be an artist.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 7 textured liner, 13 curved magnum, 18 round shader and eternal, starbrite and intenze inks.