You know what’s funny, just the other day I was pleading to the tattoo gods to send me just one skull to do on someone. It had been an extremely long time since I had done one and I was itching to dig my hands into one. Low and behold, the tattoo gods heard my prayers and delivered this gem to me. Admittedly I wasn’t too excited about it because it is based off another design… but as I started getting into it, wooooo I started having loads of fun! I employed a new technique I learned for tattooing (but always did it with my own drawings), a type of crosshatching that just works. There really isn’t any deep story behind this other than the client just liked it and wanted it on him. He is from the West coast so I felt like I had to show off for the East side for when he visits Cali, he can proudly say he got it from Boston.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 18 round shader, #10 15 bugpin curved magnum, and intenze zuper black, eternal and silverback inks.