The story with the Hannya mask in Japanese folklore as I understand it is… A woman who has become so angry, so hurt, so enraged, she turns into a hideous demon. It’s bad luck to piss a woman off, but on the strange flipside of that, she is so damned angry and ferocious that she in turn scares off all other evil! WTF!? It’s like smacking your already angry ass Pit Bull dog and having it guard the door. If anything crosses that threshold, they are in for a surprise. So the Hannya mask is the ugliest symbol of good luck you will ever see in your life. This client has this whole Japanese thing gong on with his body. On one arm he has a dragon, on the other arm he has koi fish swimming upwards and now his back is adorned with this design. He has plans to do some work on the front of his body as well… then we will begin the shadow-work. Hell hath no fury like woman in a demonic state that can scare off the other imposing demons.

This was created with a 14 liner, 18 round shader and a tub of intenze zuper black ink.