Did you know that the original design of the statue of liberty was based off a black woman who lived in France and the design had her shackled. But the American colonies for whom it was being gifted to rejected that design… obviously. Oh the things they don’t teach you in school. Nonetheless, I had some serious fun with this one. Whats nice is that the client is actually from Brooklyn (my other home) and will be adding to this later. See that big empty space? It’s there for a reason. The client plans to put a scene of NYC in there with the Brooklyn Bridge. Hot shit if you ask me. But he definitely has a great story behind Ms. Liberty having the American flag wrapping her face like a bandanna… I just forgot it… sorry folks

This was created with a 3 super tight liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum, 18 round shader and eternal, starbrite and intenze inks