Butterflies are a woman’s best tattoo friend. Seriously. I have lost count at how many woman love to receive butterflies. I mean, I get it… it’s the universal symbol for transformation and beauty. This particular butterfly though… I must say, is my favorite one I’ve done so far. Thanks to the client for having the balls (or ovaries) to go in  a different direction with it. She asked it to be based on henna patterns. For those unfamiliar with henna (click there), it’s a plant found in the Middle east that when processed right, can be used as a paste that stains the skin with a brownish hue. People in India are reknown for using the henna to decorate others for a variety of events, ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, etc. The patterns they make are what make this skin staining technique so beautiful. And those patterns are the driving influence behind this tattoo. I had to study several patterns and draw up several examples for myself before I came to this conclusion… Thank you Ms. Client for this brilliant challenge.

This was created with a 3 liner, 14 round shader and intenze zuper black ink. I love simplicity