Angels have a plethora of meanings and values to everyone on the planet. But the general consensus is they are the souls of folks who look down upon and watch over everyone for a variety of reasons. They are a popular subject to emblaze into skin especially on the west coast… Then again, them dudes do it better than everyone else. This cute lil angel/cherub is on a bicep and is part of this clients growing art collection on his body.  One arm is the heaven sleeve and I think the other will be the sin sleeve. I’ve had the honor of working on him several times and he sits like a brick each time. Great dude to work with.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum (fitting into a 11 flat tip), 18 round shader (helps with those tight corners and gets the blacks nice and dark) and eternal graywash and intenze inks.