Many tattoo artists are against doing stuff like this, but I don’t give a damn. It’s not that I lack respect for another artist, but I come from a background where people will go over your stuff or complete what you didn’t because it’s all in the interest of making stuff look good. I understand people are busy or other excuse may arise for not completing a tattoo, but if someone comes to me with something incomplete, generally the first questions out of my mouth are “Where is the previous artist? Why haven’t you returned to them? How long has this been unfinished?” And if they give me answers like “They’re dead… They moved and I can’t find them… They’ve stopped tattooing… They won’t pick up their phone… They went to Bagdad and got their hands chopped off for stealing a grapefruit…”, well then I’m completing the damn thing. This client actually received the linework approximately a year ago and did not feel comfortable returning to that guy for her own reasons. All good. I happily completed the piece for her. I had to really study this lil dude because I had to understand the direction the previous artist was going towards. Once I figured it out and had a general feel of what the client wanted as a completed piece, the lil sparrow dude was fully visualized.

This was completed with a 13 curved magnum, 14 round shader and eternal, starbrite and intenze inks.