This is the 2nd Dreamcatcher I created within one week. Kind of unusual for me. But this one was different in that it was a cover-up. The client had the french phrase “Je Suis Beau” which translates to “I am Handsome”. Ususaly referring to a man. “Je Suis Belle” is the feminine version. C’est La Vie. Usually I wouldn’t use a dream catcher to cover nothing because of how “open” it is. Generally the natural design of a dreamcatcher doesn’t lend itself to being good for cover-up work, but I decided to approach this from a new angle and see it differently. Filling in the negative space around the netting is tedious and proved to be fairly painful for the client, but I be damned if this didn’t work out great!!! I really like the way it feels… Still feels like a dreamcatcher, just re-seen.

This was created with a 3 liner,  14 round shader, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum (fitting into a 11 flat tip) and eternal and intenze inks