This was the most amazing example of a crap tattoo that I have ever witnessed. Apparently the client had received this tattoo at a party she attended. I have nothing against tattoo parties, everyone needs a hustle, but dammit PLEASE make sure the artist is clean, has a clean set-up, not smoking, not drinking, not trying to sell tattoos for sex, not drugging on any drug, has a steady hand, can actually DRAW, and most importantly has a portfolio of THEIR ACTUAL work!!! You would be shocked at how many people out here use other artists’ pictures and claim that it’s theirs just to fool everyone. Sucks, but you gotta be careful. The wonderful before picture is a “butterfly” the client received at a tattoo party… Looks like a dead cricket if you ask me. She came to me still looking for a butterfly, but something that was more representational of the insect. You’re welcome 🙂

This was created with a 7 liner, #09 17 bugpin curved magnum (fits in a 15 flat tip), and Prime Pigments (trying out a different lining ink) and intenze zuper black.