Ever since I began tattooing I knew the importance of lettering. It’s not the easiest subject for me and I constantly study and doodle lettering stlyes all the time so that I gain a better understanding of them. During my research, I’ve come across a few artists whose lettering style needs to be studied, BJ Betts, damn near the whole effin crew from Lowrider Tattoo Studios (these em-effers are the epitome of chicano style) and a few other random dudes and chicks that I’ve come across in my Google searches.  This is my improvement over letters I’ve done in the past. I’m really beginning to understand the reasons why the letters from the West Coast are so sought after. This particular client originally asked me for a Teddy Bear smoking a blunt with a microphone in his hand (I know what you’re thinking… “What. The. Fuck?!?!?!”). I did the design and it came out very nice. But when he came into the shop, he said “I know you’re gonna kill me, but I wanna do the bear another time. I want the word Blessed on my forearm instead…” I giggled and said of course you do. Thankfully I’m able to freehand stuff easily, or he would have been up shit’s creek without a paddle

This was created with a 7 liner, 3 bugpin liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum and eternal and intenze inks.