I love return clients. Let’s me know I’m doing something right and gives me a chance to learn from the best learning tool, seeing what your healed work looks like. It’s amazing how the same technique used on one person yields totally different results on another person. Something may look strong and bold on one person, and look like faded newspaper on another person. Skin types teach ya a lot. This client first came to me about a year ago and had returned many times since. I’m grateful. This time she wanted flowers on her shoulder, but was unaware of what flowers and how they should be designed on her body. We had a few words with each other trying to figure this one out, but in the end we all giggled and loved the results. This was originally going to be a black and gray piece, but I decided to add color in. Something about this particular piece that screamed color. Glad I listened to that screaming something in my head.

This was created with a 7 liner, #09 15 bugpin curved magnum (normally I would only use the bugpins for black and gray work but I’ve learned how to use them for color work as well, I love the results), and starbrite and intenze inks. Starbrite really sits and heals well in darker skin tones.