Our past is exactly that, passed. So I get the honor to do a lot of cover-ups for people. Most of the time it’s of something the person regrets because they got it when they were 15 and went to the local yocal street person who don’t give a damn who they tattoo, as long as money is involved (or weed, crack or other offerings from what I’ve been hearing lately… ick). This client received something that involved a past he was more than ready to progress away from and completely close it. This tattoo is that closing. The client is probably one of the coolest dudes I have met in a long time so it was an absolute honor for me to do this for him. We had really good conversations and I got to utilize my new and ooooooh so sweet Neo Tat rotary machine that I purchased a couple of days prior. I named the thing Ha-Do-Ken because it made me feel like I was pushing magical energy from my hand (for those not privy, Ha-Do-Ken is the phrase screamed from Ryu and Ken, characters of the almighty Street Fighter games). That’s a nice friggin machine. Quite and powerful. This is the second time I got to work on a snake design the way I wanted to, mean, ferocious and scary.

This was created with a 7 liner, #09 15 bugpin curved magnum and silverback and intenze inks.