There are people in our lives that effect us in such immense ways we show it through a variety of methods. Some methods include constantly shouting it out in the middle of the street like a screaming lunatic, going on TV and proclaiming that love to the universe, getting matching uniforms, getting names or representations of the person on our bodies. I admit, I’m one of those people… kinda. I have my son’s name on my forearm, when he was born I was affected lol! This client is a repeat customer. She hates the pain but loves the results (don’t we all?). She originally wanted lips (of a special person) with leopard print in them. After some discussion I convinced her it wouldn’t look too good, so we went with the design you see. The leopard print heart-shape wasn’t part of the original design. I had completed tattooing the lips but she still wanted the leopard print in there somehow, so, me being the guy that I am, originally drew on her some ugly ass shape to contain the print within. Thankfully I didn’t get my way with this one. Another set of eyes that happened to be in the room at the time said the ugly shape was ghastly and suggested a heart instead. Good thing I listened. I decided to do no outlines on this, something about it said it didn’t need them. So I used a painterly technique to create what you see. BOOYAKA!!!!

This was created entirely with a #09 11 bugpin curved magnum on my Neotat rotary machine and intenze, starbrite and eternal inks.