Flock together. I remember being 9 or 10 years old when a favorite cousin of mine said that to me. I looked at him like he just spoke Tagalog to me (to those unaware of what Tagalog is, it’s the language spoken by Filipinos). I didn’t understand this phrase til later in life, when I was hanging with several friends… Anywho, the client that received this piece is going through a transformation and has lost a great deal of weight. She looks great! Congratulations to her! She wanted this more as a symbol of letting go and moving forward and all things positive. When she first showed me this design, I was going to originally do it the way we all normally see it on the internet, the big black feather with the little black birds flying from it. I decided in the drawing process to change it up and go this direction to breathe new life into it. I’m glad  I did.

This was created with a 7 liner, 18 round shader and intenze zuper balck ink.