I remember growing up and looking at tattooed people and thinking “Those are some baaaaaaad sons of some bitches….” And I meant bad as in rape their own mother, cut a child’s head off and wear the head on a chain around their neck kind of bad. I noticed the satanic imagery a lot of them had (makes you question where the hell I grew up…) and I was just a lil intimidated by it. I think that’s why I’ve never been the type to really draw demons, ghouls, goblins and such. The other day a walk-in came into the shop and asked for “… a devil skull with horns smoking a cigar… and I just want color on the horns.” I almost jizzed my underwear when he asked for this. Reason being is because I had been wanting a skull to tattoo onto someone for a while now. I normally get asked to do flowers and such, I have no problems doing that, but the rare image to create is always nice. I drew it out, sent it to him via text messaging (thank the techno gods) and away we went. This was a two session process, only because the client came so late in the day. He was really cool. But the biggest kicker about this piece is that it’s his first tattoo. Welcome to the darkside newbie.

This wiasw created with a #09 08 bugpin liner, #08 15 curved magnum, 13 curved magnum and eternal and intenze inks. Fun times.