Many years ago, this young Hollywood starlet became the very definition of beauty. She was vivacious, voluptuous, blonde, sensuous, sexual and exuded confidence liek it was no one’s business… oh yeah, and Pres. Kennedy couldn’t get enough of her. Marylin Monroe has now become THE icon of everything I mentioned above. What’s hilarious to me is that just her features – face, eyes and lips – are enough for one to instantly recognize her. Talk about mass appeal. This client was a random walk-in that I was luckily able to take ¬†because another had canceled. When I mentioned the price, she left then returned with a stack of one dollar bills. I jokingly said “oh yes! Stripper money!” The client looked at me really coy and said “oh…” I said “OH! Well now…” lol!

This was created with a 3 bugpin liner, 14 round shader and eternal and intenze ink