floral buterflyfloral buterfly close 2 floral buterfly closeEvery once in a while I will have potential clients ask me to draw out a design, show them, have them approve it and set a date to only cancel and orphan the design. I feel bad for these orphan designs so when people ask for designs that are similar to these orphans, I suggest them. This is one of the orphans, except the butterfly is an on-the-spot addition. I’ve come to learn that I really like doing clean, linear, to the point and beautifully placed tattoos onto folks. I think they look better in the long run. This was a 2 session process, 1 for linework and the other for the color. She took this like a champ.

This was created with a 3 bugpin liner, 9 curved magnum and intenze, eternal and the yellows are done with alla prima ink. My first time using it. It’s really nice.