christopher christopher closeOh the random late night walk-ins to the shop.  This particular client came in asking for “some writing in cursive” on his arm. I asked him how he wanted it to look and proceeded to the flash rack we have in the shop. He pointed to this particular style and I said “ok, I gotchu.” After I had him fill out the paper work, I said “let’s go into my room. I’m going to draw it directly onto you…” With the most confused look I have ever seen he said “wait… you’re not going to make a stencil?!” I replied “for what? you’re not asking for a complicated design, just lettering.” I had to laugh at this point because he clearly is used to people tracing out a stencil for everything. Welcome to my world where everything is handdrawn and flash is like using the word fuck in church. He loved the results.

This was created with a 3 bugpin liner, 9 tight liner, 14 round shader and intenze ink.