double cherub double cherub close double cherub close 2I wish I was able to make this up.

This client approached me with one of the most challenging designs I’ve had the pleasure of creating. He asked for two cherubs. One with a gas mask and the other wearing a pair of Jordan 3s. For those not familiar with Jordan brand sneakers, Michael Jordan is a NBA (basketball) player who was claimed to be the sports most talented personality. He played with the Chicago bulls during the 90s and Nike endorsed with a sneaker of his own. His sneakers, Jordans, are the brands more iconic shoe and causes people to wait in long lines when they are released in stores. To date, there are 23 different models and numerous offshoots of the shoe. This client is a very strong fan of the jordan 3 thus getting them etched into his skin. Back to the design… I had a very difficult time planning this one out because no idea felt strong enough to put onto the client. When his appointment day came, I just drew it directly onto him and this is the result, two sittings later…

This was created with a 7 liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum #08 17 bugpin curved magnum, and intenze ink