Stitched Boston B straight Stitched Boston B Stitched Boston B angleI get a lot of tattoo virgins. Sometimes I feel like I’m either a gentle lover or a fuckin rapist. Depends on the person and their reactions to receiving the tattoo (some are screamers and some enjoy it). This was the gentle version for this now devirginized client. When he asked for the logo to look like it was sewn into his skin and it to be placed on the top of his bicep, admittedly I even cringed a little. Not a pleasant place for a first timer but hey, why not.  I love the way this turned out, it has a Trompe-l’œil effect (click on the word to understand what that is) that works at many angles. Love to represent your city!

This was created with a 3 liner, 7 liner, 9 liner and intenze and starbrite inks.