Boss Dog headBoss Dog head closeThe love we have for our pets can sometimes be compared to the love we have for our children. After all, dogs are similar to children in that you have to clean, feed, walk, and care for them. Some people go so far as to give them housing, clothing, gourmet foods and the crazy list goes on. This client obviously loves his pit bull dog. He said that he rescued him from a neglectful neighbor and they’ve been best buds for the past 7 years. He named him Boss and asked for the tattoo to be on the back of his head! This being my second time I’ve worked on someone’s head, I felt a lil more comfy doing it. Whe I drew out the dog, I realized the client looked kinda like a pit bull and the dog was perfect for him.

This was created with a 7 liner, #10 15 curved magnum and intenze inks.