Kraken coverkraken cover closeThis is a client who had come to the shop several times to hang out and chill one day asked if I could do a cover-up for him. I said sure! We planned a date, he came in, sat in the chair and we both just stared at his arm… We couldn’t figure out what to do do as a cover! His elder tattoos were of a confederate flag, and some other random symbols that he was anxious to cover. After some brainstorming, we concluded on the Kraken. The Kraken is a mythical, monstrous, 50 foot creature that would attack sea-fairing vessels… or so the legends say… check out Pirates of the Caribbean to get a better understanding. Nonetheless, I became giggly at the thought of this tattoo because I LOVE squid, octopi, nautilus or any of the cephalopod classification of undersea creatures. Something about them that makes me get hard. WOOO! After 2 hours of drawing this on and 14 hours of tattooing (over 2 days) emerged was a very sore, and very happy client. It still needs another session for background stuff, but we are done for now.

This was created with a 9 liner, 15 curved magnum, 18 round shader and a lot of intenze, eternal and starbrite inks.