super cover super cover close


When this client first approached me about doing a coverup/ enhancement/ please-make-it-look-better, I didn’t understand the urgency until I seen what she needed. Whoa, was my first thought. I kept asking what the hell the previous tattoo guys (I can’t rightfully call them artists…) were thinking! When her appointment date came, I stared at her back and had to really allow my imagination go. After a few minutes of staring, it occurred to me that this need s to look like Spring because the previous attempt is reminiscent of winter. So after an hour of drawing on her with a sharpie to figure out a better composition and direction, off I went to bring Spring to her back. I decided to add in the hummingbird after most of the tattoo was in there because it helped to cover the last bit of “what-the-hell”ness. She is definitely a tough cookie. After roughly 6 hours and her spitting loud curse words at her friend who sat by her side through the pain, she was very excited about the final outcome. Yea for Spring time bloom.

This was created with a 7 tight liner, 15 curved magnum and a 9 curved magnum and eternal., starbrite and intenze inks.