Xmen logo Xmen logo closeAnd the winner of the most technically difficult tattoo I’ve ever completed goes to!!!!!!!!!! This was a difficult beast for me to do. One thing about tattooing, straight lines, curves and fonts are the most difficult design elements to do. It’s because you can’t put a circle template on someone then tattoo within it. Nor can you put a ruler onto a person to draw a straight line. I had to chuckle when the client presented this idea to me. His words were “…I thought is was the easiest thing to do…” Good gravy he was so wrong lol! When I told him what he gave me, he was like “oh… lol!” This is for the birth of his first child, who’s name I think is Xavier. Here comes the X-Men Sleeve.

This technical beast was made with a 9 liner, 15 curved magnum and eternal inks.