boxing ring chest boxing ring chest close2 boxing ring chest close1


This is a returning client. I’ve been working on him since I was at my house. Thankfully he’s followed me to the shop and comes through punctually to continue to add on to his growing collection. Our latest adventure together is this boxing ring. When he first presented this idea to me, I thought “How in the damn am I gonna illustrate that successfully and clearly…?” I had to create the two boxers separately and stencil them onto him. Then I drew everything else directly onto him so I can have the right proportions without fudging the design. The meaning behind this is for you to face any and all opponents and defeat them bravely. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. But at least you stood up for yourself.

This was created with a #08 03 bugpin liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum, #10 17 bugpin curved magnum and intenze and starbrite inks.