black swan black swan close


Have you ever seen that movie Black Swan? Crazy! I love that movie. Not for the racy scenery but because of the whole concept of losing yourself in what you love most to make it successful. Powerful message. Nonetheless, this client wanted a ballet inspired tattoo to represent her love of dance and of the movie. II have a habit of really diving into tattoo designs to create the most original piece I can for a client. So for this I watched the movie a few times so I can see nuances within it to better understand how I’mma approach this piece. Some important pieces that had to be included were the ballet shoes, the dancer be on her toes enpointe, and that she be in the 4th position. I’m no dancer, I can barely get my leg up so I had no clue what in the world she was talking about. Then I got a text with the client in the correct position. That served as a basis for this and away I went. We mutually loved the design and it’s execution was on point. I love getting challenges.

This was created with a 3 bugpin liner, #08 11 bugping curved magnum and intenze zuper black and silverback gray wash inks.


super cover super cover close


When this client first approached me about doing a coverup/ enhancement/ please-make-it-look-better, I didn’t understand the urgency until I seen what she needed. Whoa, was my first thought. I kept asking what the hell the previous tattoo guys (I can’t rightfully call them artists…) were thinking! When her appointment date came, I stared at her back and had to really allow my imagination go. After a few minutes of staring, it occurred to me that this need s to look like Spring because the previous attempt is reminiscent of winter. So after an hour of drawing on her with a sharpie to figure out a better composition and direction, off I went to bring Spring to her back. I decided to add in the hummingbird after most of the tattoo was in there because it helped to cover the last bit of “what-the-hell”ness. She is definitely a tough cookie. After roughly 6 hours and her spitting loud curse words at her friend who sat by her side through the pain, she was very excited about the final outcome. Yea for Spring time bloom.

This was created with a 7 tight liner, 15 curved magnum and a 9 curved magnum and eternal., starbrite and intenze inks.

hummingbird thigh hummingbird thigh close hummingbird thigh close 2

It’s been a long time since I put up a post. Sorry everyone. Been busy a hell. This piece is something I had drawn up wanting to put it onto someone. Thankfully a client came looking for something that this happened to fit their likes. It’s a big piece that took a couple of months to complete due to it’s size and placement. This part of the thigh is a little tender for many people. But she took it like a ‘G’ and got it done. I had fun with it because I got to use my big needle on it… a 25 curved magnum that covers a huge area really quickly. Even though the amount of needles sounds intimidating, believe me, if you have a large area to cover, it’s the better method because its a quicker pain lol!

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 13 curved magnum, 25 curved magnum and eternal, intenze, and starbrite inks. I keep hearing about fusion inks. Gotta try those one day.

Kraken coverkraken cover closeThis is a client who had come to the shop several times to hang out and chill one day asked if I could do a cover-up for him. I said sure! We planned a date, he came in, sat in the chair and we both just stared at his arm… We couldn’t figure out what to do do as a cover! His elder tattoos were of a confederate flag, and some other random symbols that he was anxious to cover. After some brainstorming, we concluded on the Kraken. The Kraken is a mythical, monstrous, 50 foot creature that would attack sea-fairing vessels… or so the legends say… check out Pirates of the Caribbean to get a better understanding. Nonetheless, I became giggly at the thought of this tattoo because I LOVE squid, octopi, nautilus or any of the cephalopod classification of undersea creatures. Something about them that makes me get hard. WOOO! After 2 hours of drawing this on and 14 hours of tattooing (over 2 days) emerged was a very sore, and very happy client. It still needs another session for background stuff, but we are done for now.

This was created with a 9 liner, 15 curved magnum, 18 round shader and a lot of intenze, eternal and starbrite inks.

tiger tigertiger tiger closeSomething about tigers. They’re ferocious, mysterious, big, deceptively gentle and all around cool. The client this went on, I have a feeling she may be like that. Very quiet but very tough. She survived 7 hours of this on her hip/butt area. 75% of people out there cannot do that. I know I definitely couldn’t. During the process I became more amazed at her endurance and determination to get this done in one sitting. I remember thinking “Where is this stamina coming from?” Kudos girl.

This was created with a 8 bugpin liner (fits into a 5 liner tip) 9 curved magnum, 13 curved magnum, and intenze, eternal and starbrite inks.

my bitch trishmy bitch trish closeThere is something about chicks and tattoos, chicks with tattoos and tattooed chicks. I dunno what it is, but everyone loves them. This is done on a return client. Shes a bold one who loves to live life.  When I completed the work, she looked it over and said, I need to name her. Almost instantly she said “That’s my bitch Trish!” That one had me giggling for a while, never heard of anyone naming their work… Although I know it happens all the time.

This was created with a 3 bugin liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum, and intenze zuper black ink. I love that ink. I’ve learned to water it down using distilled water and a splash of witch hazel.


bboy stance legbboy stance leg closeI have been slacking on my blogging recently.  But it’s kind of a good thing in a weird way because I’ve been busy than ever. Lots of interesting and fun projects and even more people keeping their appointments!!!! That’s a plus.

When this particular project came to me I geeked out over it. It pays homage to my graffiti roots and allowed me to flex those old muscles a little. I remember growing up and spray painting these characters on the walls. So much fun. This client is a b-boy aka a break dancer who is well known in Boston. I look forward to doing more stuff like this.

This was created using a 7 liner, 15 curved magnum, #08 11 bugpin curved magnum (to get in the crevices) and eternal and intenze inks

Boss Dog headBoss Dog head closeThe love we have for our pets can sometimes be compared to the love we have for our children. After all, dogs are similar to children in that you have to clean, feed, walk, and care for them. Some people go so far as to give them housing, clothing, gourmet foods and the crazy list goes on. This client obviously loves his pit bull dog. He said that he rescued him from a neglectful neighbor and they’ve been best buds for the past 7 years. He named him Boss and asked for the tattoo to be on the back of his head! This being my second time I’ve worked on someone’s head, I felt a lil more comfy doing it. Whe I drew out the dog, I realized the client looked kinda like a pit bull and the dog was perfect for him.

This was created with a 7 liner, #10 15 curved magnum and intenze inks.

double cherub double cherub close double cherub close 2I wish I was able to make this up.

This client approached me with one of the most challenging designs I’ve had the pleasure of creating. He asked for two cherubs. One with a gas mask and the other wearing a pair of Jordan 3s. For those not familiar with Jordan brand sneakers, Michael Jordan is a NBA (basketball) player who was claimed to be the sports most talented personality. He played with the Chicago bulls during the 90s and Nike endorsed with a sneaker of his own. His sneakers, Jordans, are the brands more iconic shoe and causes people to wait in long lines when they are released in stores. To date, there are 23 different models and numerous offshoots of the shoe. This client is a very strong fan of the jordan 3 thus getting them etched into his skin. Back to the design… I had a very difficult time planning this one out because no idea felt strong enough to put onto the client. When his appointment day came, I just drew it directly onto him and this is the result, two sittings later…

This was created with a 7 liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum #08 17 bugpin curved magnum, and intenze ink