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Anybody familiar with Disney and cartoon culture will recognize this immediately. For the rest, this is heavily influenced by the great illustrator Tim Shumate (click on the link, click on his portfolio and be prepared to be blown away!!! The man is a genius!). Mr. Shumate has created a plethora of hip, updated and edgy illustrations based on many of the beloved Disney characters many of us have grown with. Those illustrations have thus inspired hundreds of fans to get his version of the characters etched into their skin. This is no exception. The story behind this is; a couple of months ago an interested patron called the shop and asked if she could pay for a tattoo over the phone. I replied yes then she proceeded to tell me the story of her friend whom she loves to pieces really wants a tattoo of the Ariel design of Mr. Shumate’s.  I researched the design and decided to create something new for her friend. At some point communication switched and I was able to show the person receiving the tattoo the designs  I conjured up. She loved them.


Not too long ago I was tattooing out of my house (I’m happily in a shop now, Brockton Ink… shameless plug). I’m not ashamed to admit it. I did it because I really wanted to dive into the world of tattooing. I also did the tattoo party thing. I have to say that the parties helped me develop swiftness in drawing for folks while maintaining quality. But I became weary of them because I felt as though I was treating people like food on a conveyor belt at the local grocery store. Bing! Go! Bing! Go! Nonetheless, this tattoo was originally created at a tat party the client attended (I didn’t do the original work). She was okay with it for a while, then quickly tired of it and wanted it refreshed, upgraded and looking better overall. I figured a lil love and some imagination was all it needed.

This was refreshed with a 3 tight liner, 7 tight liner, and a 15 bupin magnum (love soft shading) and eternal graywash inks and intenze zuper black

This weekend at some point, I caught a snippet of a show that had this guy receive a tattoo from a japanese tattoo master. It was amazing. The dude asked for a Peony flower to be tattooed onto his ankle area. The master, without a planned drawing or nothing, picked up his tattoo machine, freehand drew this complicated, simple and beautiful flower on the dude then proceeded to fill in color the traditional way… with a long stick with needles on the end of it and jab away. The process from start to finish took 45 minutes and the result was mind boggling!!! I mean, that type of skill doesn’t exist here (unless there’s a Japanese tattoo master in an apartment somewhere). Nonetheless, it kinda served as inspiration for this Cherry Blossom. The client asked for the branch to look like a watercolor painting… in a sense. And so for the first time, I dove into this with just my color shader machine and a big round shader needle and literally painted on her foot. This was an extremely satisfying process for me to see unfold and with a really nice result. I hope to get more tattoos to do like this. Thanks to the client for this brilliant idea.

This was created with a 18 round shader and intenze ink. Simple. Beautiful.