black widow spydra black widow spydra close


If you get the heebie jeebies from looking at pictures of spiders, turn away now please. Otherwise, here is my first attempt at what the world loves to call “3D tattoos”. When the client asked for a realistic Black Widow Spider my skin crawled a little. I laughed and asked if he was serious, then away we went. I’m familiar with doing anything 3D, realistic or whatever because of my painter/ illustrator/ designer background. So this was a new but comfortable direction for me. The actual name for this technique is called Trompe-l’œil which is derived from french meaning “deceive the eye”. But for simpler terms, 3D will suffice. I did this using a painterly technique using no lines, just shapes. I like the results.

This was created using a #08 11 bugpin curved magnum and silverback graywash and intenze inks.