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uncle floyd uncle floyd closeThis is one of those human stories that I just love. This client wanted to commemorate his uncle with an image of a catfish. Why a catfish? Because when Uncle Floyd took him on a fishing trip, the first fish he caught was a catfish. Brings a tear to my eye

This was created with a 7 tight liner, #10 17 bugpin magnum, #08 15 bugpin magnum and intenze inks watered down with a mixture of distilled water and a splash of witch hazel.


Go figure I knew this dudes mother and we both know a ton of people! It was a great session with him. He sat like a champ and groaned only when I got to the parts that deserve a groan lol! I must admit that I do like doing this type of work, the clean black and gray stuff. Very simple, yet elegant and it conveys a stronger image when done right. This was definitely fun for me.

This was created using a 5 super tight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze black ink.

This is Amina. A statuesque, fiery-mouthed Jamaican girl who really wanted the twin fish on her thigh to represent her zodiac. I created the design, then cut it up so we could play with the composition on her thigh. Once we agreed to the the positioning, I started. I have to admit that she thugged it out for a while. But one thing I have learned about tattooing in general, most people have a 3 to 4 hour tolerance for pain before the “ooches” and “owwweeeees” begin. ┬áThat’s usually when I’m wrapping up the session.

This was created using a 7 tight round liner, 13 curved magnum and intenze black ink.