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realistic rose realistic rose closeI have developed a healthy obsession with tattoos that really challenge me and put me outside my normal style. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of tattoos that have no linework. Just shading or color blocking. I kinda like it. It produces a result that’s soft, a little realistic and in my opinion, feminine (depending on the design subject).  This is my execution of that technique. I’mma do more.

This was created with a #08 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze ink watered down with a mixture of distilled water and witch hazel.



I have done a lot of tattoos up to this point. Some more challenging than others. But this one takes the proverbial cake. A good friend of mine hit me up asking for a design for her head… errrrrrrrr… ! stop the conversation, head?!?! In her words (I can’t make this shit up) “I wanna make my mother cry…” well then… lol! I came up with my version of traditional roses and after a few drafts, this design was agreed upon. I have to admit, I was a little skeptic of working on her head because this is the first time I’ve done something like this, so I wasn’t sure of how twitchy she may be, if her pain tolerance would handle it, etc. I approached it the same way I normally do and she laid there like a coffin. I was amazed. Some people are known to be “tender-headed”, meaning if they get their hair braided or touched wrong, they squeal like a pig. She, fortunately, is on the opposite end of that spectrum and is tough headed. She actually lasted about 3 1/2 hours before any ooches or ouches occurred and by that time I was putting the finishing touches in. I just hope her daddy doesn’t come to the shop to beat my ass for this.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 7 tight liner, a 9 curved magnum, and starbrite, eternal and intenze inks

I’ve become so accustomed to doing monstrous tattoos that when I get asked to do something this simple, I damn near freak out lol! But I really enjoyed this one. It was simple, elegant and to the point. A rose by any other name, is simply, a rose.

This was created with a 3 liner, #10 15 bugpin curved magnum, 18 round shader (I’m in love with this damn needle now) and eternal graywash and intenze ink.

The rare roses are blue though. I personally haven’t seen a wildly grown blue rose, but I have heard of their legend. It’s a rare occurrence, but they are pretty. This is a double  cover-up. I have one the the covered tattoos visible, but I didn’t get the other rose photo’d… for no particular reason. Anywho, this tattoo is on the client’s ankle. HER ANKLE!!!! Yikes!!!! And she took it like a thug! I was impressed, especially because we were there for 5 hours.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 13 magnum and intenze and eternal inks

Flowers, butterflies, stars and swirly thing-a-ma-jigs make for the bulk of typical girl tattoos that exist in the world. A lot them are for enhancing a woman’s appearance. Sometimes there’s nothing sexier than a peeking tattoo… and to imagine where it possibly leads. This design definitely follows that typical girly tattoo stereotype. A rose with the swirly tentacles leading from it (it kinda reminds me of a jellyfish). I do enjoy doing these admittedly… The swirls present a steady-hand challenge that if not executed correctly, can make the whole tat look like a friggin sneezing, shaking, crackhead was let loose on your body. Thank goodness I have calm nerves.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 9 curved magnum and eternal, intenze and starbrite inks.

Sidenote: I have learned in my personal experience using Starbrite inks that they tend to be the bolder inks to use in darker skin tones. They seem to heal better and old their color longer.

Rose Hips are a fragrant ingredient founds in brews of all sorts; herbal tea, jam, jelly, syrup, soup, beverages, pies, bread, wine, and marmalades, to name a few. This isn’t about that. A client came in with the coolest father on the planet. He watched his daughter receive this tat and was right there with her the entire time. We swapped a few stories, laughed a little and overall had a cool ass time. As a father myself, I related to him being there for his daughter and it made perfect sense to me for him allowing her to get this rose tattoo… Support it, because she probably would’ve done it some other way with negative results. To that clients father, you get a kudos and a huge thumbs up from me.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 13 curved magnum and Eternal inks.

Most of us love our grandparents. Some love them more than our own birth parents. It’s like grandparents figured out something that makes us do damn near anything for them. This client loves his grandmother who passed away a while ago unfortunately. He already has something memorialized on his skin to her and so this is an addition to that. I have to admit, because he’s so fair skinned, I used him as an experiment with some graywash inks that I’ve been learning how to use. I really like them, but they are only for lighter skin. I really like the results on this one.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum, and Silverback graywash  and intenze inks. The Silverback inks have a 4 step system that works really nice. I’ll def be using them for portraits though. The Eternal graywash seems better for grays on darker skin tones.

This client walks in and shows me a tattoo on her chest. I look and ask what would you like me to cover that with? She replies “No tribal, something pretty.” I explain it’s gonna be a bit bigger and a hell of a lot more colorful. I suggested a rose and away we go! This is a lesson to all people who want a name that isn’t a family member or their children’s put permanently on their body… You will one day want to remove or cover it! Think!!!!  Nonetheless, thanks for the challenge on this one.

I created this using a 5 super tight liner, 9 curved magnum, intenze and eternal inks.